Do you have any idea about subminiature and mercury free tilt switches?

Tilt or mercury switch is a type of switch which opens as well as closes an electrical circuit when the liquid of metal mercury (at very small quantity) connects electrodes of metal for closing circuit. But have you heard about subminiature and mercury free tilt switches?

The use of tilt sensor

An instrument which measures tilt in various axes of the reference plane is known as a tilt sensor. It is the device that also measures the position of tilting with keeping gravity in reference and along with that it is also used for various other applications. Another name of tilt sensor is ‘rolling ball sensor’. It also helps in the inclination or orientation detection.

use of tilt sensor

New in trend

Since past few years such instruments have gained good popularity and people are using it for increasing applications for high end. For an instance, this sensor gives important information of both horizontal as well as vertical inclination of a plane to the pilot that helps him or her in understanding how to deal with hindrances during flight, by getting informed about plane’s orientation as well as the position of its inclination to the surface of earth.

Know about the Configurations?

Tilt sensor’s functionality is influenced with a number of factors like vibration, gravity, zero offset, temperature, linearity, shock, deceleration or acceleration, cross-axis sensitivity, sight’s clear line between user along with measured point and tilt’s calibration.

The main configurations of tilt switches are-

  • One of the most important factors is the no. of axes as it differs from one application to another. In controllers of video game as well as joysticks, a three axes sensor is utilized, tilt sensor with dual axes is used in robotics and four axes sensors is applied in some of the smartphones.
  • Next thing is resolution; it is minimum inclination that a sensor detects.
  • Sensitivity is the ability of sensor to react with minor changes.
  • An inclination’s range that could be handled by sensor is vital. There are some sensors that have the capability of measuring 10 degrees on the other hand some could cover even 60.

Subminiature and mercury free tilt switches are used for powder’s detection and bulk of solid that is contained in tanks, silos or bins. It includes class second of c/us, first division of e, f and g group along with that approvalof twenty one harmful locations of atex zone.

The size of these switches is compact and people find it really easy to use that is one of the main reasons of its adaptation. It is known for its accuracy and high resolution as well as its cost is quite effective. The tilt sensors also help you in saving the consumption of power supply and it could be easily understand by the standard data loggers of the industry.

It is applied for monitoring the position of tablet or mobile phone in order to perform the function of auto rotation and for detecting angle of game systems that are handled by the hands.